Welcome to the Volunteer Program

Work behind the scenes of Asia’s oldest mountain bike race- 15th Hero MTB Himalaya 2019!

The dynamics of a live mountain biking stage race require super talented individuals who can fit in multiple roles. Logistical challenges are a big task to handle when it comes to management. This calls for people who can flex themselves on short timelines, little sleep, untimed meals, lots of travel and huge learning opportunities!
Over a week spent working with our teams round the clock (no kidding about this part) and traveling remote Himalayan pockets will probably be the most stressful and yet amazingly wonderful events you shall cherish in years to come!

Finesse Opportunities open this season

Social Media and Communication

One of the most important jobs at the race- The guys who control what the world sees. Get an opportunity to feed the eyeballs of >1million audiences, Churn quirky and crisp captions within unrealistic timelines, Interact with the participants and sponsors at the race.

If slow internet, power banks and constant system crashes do not creep you out, you are the best fit for this job!

Key traits- Splendid communication skills, ornate writing ability and willingness to work long hours.

Operations Management

Bike Marshall/ Patrol

If you can ride the treacherous Himalayan offroads on a motorbike, this is for you. You will be responsible to track riders and ensure smooth operations during the race. The profile requires quick thinking, ability to take full ownership of task in hand and a strong get sh*t done attitude.

Note* : Must own a bike.

Registration Form

We are looking for young and enthusiastic individuals who can jump out of their comfort zone and multitask between jobs.

Your takeaway shall be a big family, some contacts you would encash in future and an experience of a lifetime, working behind the scenes for Asia’s oldest mountain biking stage race.

Eligibility Criteria

In-order to be eligible for applying to our Volunteer program

Eligibility Criteria:
  1. You must be between 18-28 years of age with no medical condition.
  2. You must also be able to stay for the duration of your assigned schedule.
  3. We are looking for candidates with good communication skills, (knowledge of a third language is a plus)
  4. You must be an adventure seeker with unconditional love for nature.
Your entitlements would be:
  1. Proper accommodation on campsites
  2. Transportation between stages
  3. Transportation of luggage between stages
  4. All meals on race days
  5. Exclusive Volunteer race merchandise
  6. Letter of appreciation and race memorabilia
Things not included:
  1. Travel to and from Shimla
  2. Any additional expenses incurred during your stay
Note: For further questions, you can email: Kshitiz Gupta, Chief Volunteer Monk on kshitiz.gupta@hastpa.org

Apply only if you are available from Tuesday, September 24, 2019 to Thursday, October 3, 2019