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Empower the Himalayas for a better tomorrow.

Hero MTB Himalayas has been taking MTB enthusiasts through the untouched parts of the Himalayas for 15 years now. Amidst all this adventure and thrill, HASTPA also makes it a point to give back to society. Mission SMILE is our social outreach program that enables us to interact and empower the societies in Himalayas.

As our riders trail through the rough terrain, battling to win the highly competitive race, our Mission SMILE volunteers make an attempt to change the lives of children in the numerous schools that come along the route. This is done primarily through brief interactions between students and our volunteers on issues that matter.

Our Mission

India, a land known for unity in diversity is the largest democracy in the world which is for the people, by the people and from the people. Possessing such an asset, the country has disadvantages too. While wide variation in everything has led to ample diversification in people’s needs, they’ve also created unevenness in their ability to possess the basic necessities of life. For such an issue, Education is the challenge, for such a challenge, Education is the solution. In lieu of this, HASTPA initiated a new project named Mission SMILE meaning Spreading Education, Mitigating ill health, Improving Sanitation, Love nature and Eradicating Hunger. Mission SMILE has been the social outreach program by HASTPA and Hero MTB for a while now.

16th Edition of Hero MTB Himalaya

Last year, Mission SMILE directly impacted 5500 students from 32 schools and built 3 libraries. We tied up with an e-learning NGO, e-shishya, to connect proficient students to professionals that acted as mentors and nurture them for a better tomorrow.

This year, we are taking the initiative a step further and introducing rainwater harvesting, along with our ongoing Education program. We envision to build full-fledged water harvesting systems for 5 Himalayan villages. The facilities will help cater to the requirements of currently drying villages & crop fields.

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Greeting the team with their broad smiles, the students are always enthusiastic to share their views on “Benefits of Bicycle Riding” and the means to make this Earth a better place to live by curbing down the sources of pollution. Mission SMILE over the years has been a strong indication that besides living in the isolated places and being deprived from the streamline growth of the country, the people living here have immense potential.

Help us provide Education & Water to the villages in the Himalayas! Contribute & support our mission and help us build a better tomorrow in the Himalayas!

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Feel free to write to us on mtbhimalaya@hastpa.org to take the conversation forward.