Adventure unleashed

Starts on Saturday, October 3, 2020

15% Royal Discount for all previous MTB Himalaya Riders.

The best of competitions isn’t about winning the race, but winning it against yourself. It’s about doing better than your best, pushing yourself to your extremes, overcoming your own fears to be the best you can be, today. Tomorrow will be a new story. A new best. A new you. The Himalayas are calling. Test yourself against the best and challenge your own limits at Asia’s premier mountain bike race – Hero MTB Himalaya!

Escape into the Himalayas

This race is not any contest to ride over the mountains, survive and be called a winner. There is a lot more to it- You experience the true wilderness of the Himalayas, Indian hospitality and above all- extreme adventure!
You will make memories, fall in love with these mountains and will want to conquer them again! It's not just another race in the mountains!

Rider Profiles

Rider Profile coming soon...